Q-212002-1-3 Showmanship at Halter L1 Amateur
Q-412002-1-3 Showmanship at Halter L1 Youth
Q-144004-1-5 Green Hunter Under Saddle L1 Open
Q-436002-1-3 Western Riding L1 Youth
Q-236002-1-3 Western Riding L1 Amateur
Q-134100-1-5 Junior Reining Open
Q-443002-1-3 Ranch Riding L1 Youth
Q-144100-1-5 Junior Hunter Under Saddle Open
Q-244002-1-3 Hunter under Saddle L1 Amateur
Q-444002-1-3 Hunter under Saddle L1 Youth
Q-252002-1-3 Hunt Seat Equitation L1 Amateur
Q-452002-1-3 Hunt Seat Equitation L1 Youth
Q-134200-1-5 Senior Reining Open
Q-243002-1-3 Ranch Riding L1 Amateur
Q-142004-1-5 Green Western Pleasure L1 Open
„European – Welcome to the Show! – Party at Tarik´s Bar“

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