Photo courtesy: Luxcompany


Junior Cutting:

Gold: Sven Oser abroad Titanium Boy owned by Ralph Gembe

Silver: Ute Holm who was riding Lemonade Springs owned by Yvonne Bonda

Bronze: Roland Breeur with Cat One Time owned by Antoon Bok

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Senior Cutting:

Gold: Sven Oser with Kit And Kaboonsmal owned by Stefan Fuchs

Silver: Rene Opitz who was riding RedWhiteAndBlue Boon owned by Nicole Opitz

Bronze: Ute Holm abroad Peeka Peps Shine owned by Petra Moschik-Haegler

Here there are the complete results:

Amateur Cutting:

Gold: Imre Katona and Smart As A Kat

Silver: Carl Wuest who was riding Cat Garret

Bronze: Jos Wander Putten with Peppys Ragno

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Congratulations to everybody!!!