From Australia to Kreuth it is surely a really long way. But it did´t scare Bonnie Simon and Tracey Mallia. Bonnie came to Europe couple of months ago and she staid at Sovereign Quarter Horses (in England), while Tracey traveled from her home town (Nar Nar Goon), in Australia. The trip took 24 hours but it was worth it. After the flight, Tracey took a train to come the show. We had the pleasure to talk to Tracey and Bonnie to find out more about their european experience.

Press Office: Is it your first time in Europe?

Tracey: I´ve been in the UK before, which is where I met David and Sarah ( Deptford), but this is the first time here in Germany.

Po: Are you taking a little holiday or did you just come for the show?

Tracey: No, I just came for the show to watch David and Sarah. I arrived on Wednesday, I am going back to David and Sarah for couple of days and than I´ll fly back home.

Po: You came to watch David and Sarah, but why did you come to this show and not to an another one, for example in the UK?

Tracey: This is one of the biggest show around, so this is the one to come for. To win a title here is really prestigious. I like the way the show is run, it is run really professionally. We obviously have big shows in Australia, but this runs really smoothly with the amount of horses you´ve got. I am really impressed, I think this is one the biggest shows I´ve been to.

Po: Is there a lot of difference with the shows in Australia?

Bonnie: It´s the style.

Tracey: Yeah, it´s the style.  At big shows we may have 120 horses, we don´t have these many. The quality of the horses is probably the same, we have a lot of good quality horses. it is just a different country, of course. I wanted to come to see a different country, the way people show here, what they wear, what saddles are they using.

Po: What did you like the most about this show?

Tracey: I liked everything!

Bonnie: It is all great! I liked the quality, I enjoyed what people wore. We are really impressed.

Tracey: It didn’t matter what outfit you had, if your run was the right one, you were winning. The judging was really fair. There were a lot people wearing a plain shirt and still did really well. The judging was based on the ability of the rider and of the horse.

Bonnie: Yes, I agree.

Po: Would you come back again?

Tracey: Yes, definitely. If David brings an another team of horses, I´ll be here!

Po: Are you also passionate about Ranch Riding?

Tracey: No, I do more Western Pleasure, Trail, Hunter. I have two really nice horses, american bred. I run a business there, so it is hard to get to every show you wanna get to. But we go to some big shows. We´ve got some good quality shows and some good quality horses.

Po: Did you come together?

Bonnie:  I staid at David and Sarah since the middle of june and originally I should have staid around one month. And than they asked me to stay also for the Euros, that´s why I am still here. So I was already at David and Sarah when Tracey came alone. I know her cause she has a business and I went to her for some clinics and shows… This is how we know each other. Now I´ll go back to David and Sarah in the truck and Tracey will fly home.

We would like to thank Tracey and Bonnie fro their time and the interview, it was a pleasure to talk to you!

Welcome to the show!