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George had a goal this year: he wanted to compete at the European Championship. Together with his mum and three horses he came all the way from England to Kreuth and, after winning the Youth Level 1 Circuit Championship, he placed both his horses in the Youth Reining final. We talked to him about his horse-related dreams and his projects for the future.

Press office: This is your first time here at the Europeans. What are your first impressions about the show?

George Sternberg: Everybody is really friendly and nice, I enjoy it a lot.

Po: You have two horses here… Do you want to tell us something about them?

George: One of them is my horse, Barbaresco (RS Barbaresco Blue) who I´ve been competing at NRHA shows with. The other one is my mother´s horse and she lends him to me to compete here; it´s the first time I am riding him and he gave me everything. I am happy with both the horses.

Po: You normally show in NRHA Events. What do you think are the main differences between an NRHA shows and this one?

George: I am more used to NRHA, I know all the people and so on. it is nice to come here, meet new people and compete with them. Everybody was very welcoming here, which is good. It is really interesting to come and seeing good quality horses doing different disciplines. As NRHA specializes in only one discipline, there are higher numbers, but the youth Reining was really competitive, it was pretty similar to the Affiliates.

Po: Why did you decide to come to the Europeans?

George: I´ve always wanted to compete here. I always have a goal, at the beginning of this year it was the Affiliates and the FEQHA European Championship.

Po: What are your projects for the Future?

George: I will take part to the FEI European Championship in October and next year I would like to compete at the World Show in the US.

We would like to thank George and his mum Francesca for the interview and for according us their time. Thank you! It was a pleasure to talk to you!

Welcome to the show!