We would like to thank our sponsor Julia Köhl Allianz Pferde OP- Versicherung!

Julia Köhl Allianz Pferde OP-Versicherung is the best partner for your equine friend; and she sponsors some amazing prizes too! During the 2019 ECQH, she will kindly offer a BIG D Halter set for the Level 1 Youth All Around Champion!

But this is not all; Julia Köhl Allianz Pferde OP-Versicherung will donate also two grooming totes for the Novice Youth Western Pleasure Champion and for the Western Pleasure Youth Champion. This is fantastic!

If you would like to know more about Julia Köhl Allianz Pferde OP-Versicherung, you can have a look at her Facebook page at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Julia-Köhl-Allianz-Pferde-OP-Versicherung-1146564352136470/  

The ECQH Team would like to thank again Julia for her sponsorship.

Welcome to the show!