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We have the honor to have the AQHA Vice President Stan Weaver here at the European Championship. Mr Weaver´s presence here has a fundamental importance for the FEQHA and permits us to share ideas, thought, tips and to compare differences and similarities with the big shows in the US: we are all united by the love for horses.

We had the pleasure to interview him and to ask him about his first experience in Europe, the European Championship, his committee in the AQHA and his ranch in Montana.

Press Office: Mr Weaver, is it your first time here in Europe?

Mr Weaver: Yes, it is. My wife came to London a few years ago but this is my first time here… And I really enjoy it!

Po: What are your first impressions?

Mr Weaver: Johannes ( Orgeldinger ) took us around and there is a lot of history here. We went to castles, it is good to go and see places like these.

Po: What are your impressions about the European Championship here in Kreuth?

Mr Weaver: I think it is good! I am impressed by the horses, they all look good. For example, Junior Reining horses could compete in the United States. It is kind of what I have expected from people who talked to me, and It is really well run.

Po: What do you think are the main differences between the shows in the US and here?

Mr Weaver: I see probably more similarities than differences. I don´t see so many differences: the show runs just like we do, the judges judge like we do, you have a schedule. I don´t see anything different from shows like the World Show.

Po: What would you say is your favorite thing by now?

Mr Weaver: Well, I am a cattle guy. I was hoping to see the cattle classes but we are leaving. I´ll watch the live stream cause I´ll be home by Saturday .

Po: Can you tell us something about your ranch in America?

Mr Weaver: I run about 90 mares and we have our own production sale. And than we run about 500 ranch cows. We don´t farm a lot, 25.000 acres or so. I have a son at home who helps me, he does all the farming and most of the cows, while I still do the horses. We have mostly cow horses. We were pretty fortunate: we had many horses getting out and doing really well. We sell in 50 States, 7 canadian provinces, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Brazil. We had a horse last year who was AQHA World Champion, we raised a AQHA-PRCA Horse Of The Year, and than we had a horse who was National Champion Charro in Mexico. It is a cow ranch and we still have everything horseback. It is the typical Montana cattle ranch. I was born and raised in Montana till I went to college.

Po: How did you come to the commitment of AQHA Vice President?

Mr Weaver: It is something I would have never expected. About 20 years ago they asked me to run for the Montana Quarter Horse Board and I refused. After a couple of years they came again and I said: “ok”. They had me president for 4/5 years and than I went to Amarillo where there was a workshop for the affiliates. There I met some people and they put me on some task forces, I was on the task force for registration certificates. Than I got to know Johannes ( Orgeldinger ) and he asked me to run for the vice president… and I got elected. It is something I would have never imagined.


We would like to thank Mr Weaver for according us his time and for this interview! Thank you!